Easy messy play – custard bath

Messy play fun with minimal effort but maximum mess? Enter the custard bath.

I’m not pretending I invented this one but sometimes all you need is a picture like this to inspire you to get a bit creative and messy at home. That and a load of custard.

What you need:
* at least 3 tins of custard (economy is fine at 17p each)
* stuff to bury in it
* bowls and spoons

We used our trusty mini paddling pool – which does need replacing as it’s got a puncture from messy play abuse – but you could use a big tray, bucket, washing-up bowl or even the bath.

My toddler is a sensitive soul. In the past we’ve tried dunking her straight in and it had devastating consequences; high-pitched screaming and custard kicking legs all up the stairs as we ran up to the bath to de-gunk her. Since then, we let her explore at her own pace. She still doesn’t get in (yet) but has a whale of a time scooping up the custard with wooden spoons, getting elbow deep and splatting it on mummy’s legs and the floor (my favourite bit).

This time we used pasta and marshmallows to make our custard soup, spooning it in and out of bowls. Even the ducks joined in.

An hour of fun for 51p and the only prep is using a tin opener.

Disclaimer: don’t try and wash a paddling pool in the kitchen sink unless you move your crystal wedding glasses from the draining board…



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