My baby’s £90-a-month addiction

We all do our very best to keep our babies happy. But I was forced to draw the line and curtail one of my baby’s simple pleasures this winter; blueberries.

I was delighted last summer at all the fresh fruit that baby was devouring. Yes I’ll admit I was a little bit of a proud smug-o; how wonderful that she loved fruit so much, she’d never need any junk food. Well that soon came back to bite me on the butt.

Baby had a particular passion for blueberries. In fact it was borderline obsession. She’d gorge on up to a whole punnet a day. At the time, I didn’t even think of the price – it was only 99p so why would I begrudge a tiny baby so much happiness for less than I’d pay for a cup of tea.

Then, winter hit. And with it, the end of the British blueberry season. The punnet price slowly rose 10-20p a time to £3 and later peaking at £3.50 – for a tiny punnet! Me being a super whizz mathematician (pah to baby brain), worked out that if I fed her blueberry habit, it would cost in the region of £90 a month. Needless to say, we had to cut back. We then had to face the withdrawal – we were suddenly without our temper kryptonite as I no longer had a constant supply in a little pocket pot to create emergency distraction.

It took a bit of time, but we overcame the addiction. It may be a coincidence but her love of all fresh fruit started to subside with it.

But last week I was genuinely gleeful to discover that blueberries had plummeted in price to £1.50 a punnet. Blueberries arrived back on her tray and she casually nibbled on a few. Suddenly, she cried out for more. And more! Yep, she’s off the wagon and enjoying them more than ever. Strangely, all fruit has become more appealing to her again. And unfortunately for me, the content of the nappies have returned to a delightful stained blueberry colour. Still, at least I have my kryptonite back. I’m lucky to have it – would love to hear if you have one.



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